Choose Professional High-Quality Oven Cleaning Services in London

Use us for our superb quality of oven cleaning in London, but don't think it has to stop there. We'll restore your BBQ or even your fridge to a spotless condition, using the same dip tank technology that enables us to do a fantastic job with your cooker too. All of our services are available to commercial and domestic customers. See our reviews page to learn more about how other London clients have benefited from our great value work.

Below you'll find an introduction to the most popular services we offer. Check the page for each one for more detailed information. If you have a job in mind that you don't see on this list, call us to ask us about it. Our employees are all highly experienced and dedicated cleaners, so if we can help we will. We'll even prepare you a personalised quote, free and without obligation, for any custom job.

Oven Cleaning

Using a dip tank filled with non-toxic, environmentally-friendly detergents, we'll lift even stubborn baked on grease from your whole oven. This technique offers highly effective oven cleaning without the need for abrasive cleaners or scouring which can damage metal finishes.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Your kitchen or bathroom tiles will be restored to a clean, pristine finish. This is achieved through the use of an industrial tile scrubber. As with all of our work, you benefit from our investment in state of the art cleaning technology. The right tools mean superior cleaning after a relatively short investment of time. The result is great tile and grout cleaning at affordable prices.

Fridge Cleaning

Our fridge cleaning service will safeguard you from the risks of contaminated food. And as a clean, defrosted fridge or freezer works more efficiently, it will also save you on the cost of electricity. Food kept in a clean, odourless chilled space will keep fresh for longer and taste better too. You can use this service on your freezer as well.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Cleaning for professionals, provided by professional cleaners! Only the very highest standards of cleanliness will do in places where food is prepared for the general public. Our commercial kitchen cleaning service can be relied upon to give you top quality results. You can call us to clean any time of the day or night, so our work will never interfere with your opening schedule.

BBQ Cleaning

Manufacturers' guidelines recommend that you clean your barbecue at least twice a year. Of course, you can call us as often as you need to! Our BBQ cleaning service will leave you with an immaculate piece of cooking equipment. Your food will taste fresh and there'll be no potentially harmful deposits left on your cooking surfaces. As with our other cleaning services, our investment in industrial-strength equipment allows us to work quickly and efficiently and offer you a low price on high quality cleaning.

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